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Offering IN-PERSON visits for your LOVED ONE!

WE ARE MEETING PROSPECTIVE FAMILIES  on the front porch to answer questions and hand out Admittance Packets. Our newest focus is that we are “Smaller and Safer”, and we are Preparing and Praying to receive MOVE-INs soon!

LET’s TALK ABOUT THE FOOD! Mealtime is still one of the MOST important times of our day! Staff and Residents enjoy engaging conversation, community news, weather chats, and of course, MORE talk about food! Kim, our Dietary Manager says, “I like to focus on creating menus that bring back good memories. It would be great to cook and serve a few of your loved ones’ favorite dishes. I like to serve meat and potatoes sometimes, but they really like pastas, fresh fruits and veggies, salads, and desserts! I love to plan meals that meet the daily requirements. “ Special attention is given to consider allergies, food dis-likes, sugar and salt content, and pureed and ground foods when necessary.

Send us your favorite family recipes, and we’ll try them!


Here is a snapshot of a week’s menus — just as they were served:

B -Waffles, Sausage, Cold Cereal
L -Chicken Alfredo, Garlic Toast, Carrots, Jello p-apple Fluff
S -Cheeseburger, Corn, Mixed Fruit

B -Oatmeal, Sausage, Peaches, Eggs, Toast
L -Carrots, Beef Stroganoff, Bread/butter, cupcake
S -Cottage cheese, Egg Salad sand, Green beans, Jello

B -Banana, Cold Cereal, Corn muffin, Hash Browns
L -Toasty Beef Bake, Peas, Ice cream
S -Pepperoni pizza puff, Corn, Devil’s Food Cake

B -Cream of Wheat, Blueberry pancake, Bacon, Milk
L -Meatloaf, Mashed potato, Choc Pudding
S -Lasagna, Squash Slaw, Jello

B -Egg and ham omelet, hash browns, toast w jam
L -Pork Chop, Potato Casserole, Peas, Pudding
S -Lasagna or Beef Stroganoff, Lettuce Salad, Toast

B -Cheese omelet, Toast, Cold cereal
L -Chicken Strip, Gr Beans, French fries, Choc pudding
S -Sloppy Joe, Hashbrown Casserole, Corn, Rice Crispy Treats

B -Peaches, Cream of Wheat, Sausage gravy
L-Tortellini,Garlic Bread, Carrots,RiceCrispy Treats
S -Pizza potato, Corn, Fruit, Choc Pudding

All meals include Milk and juice or tea.
All Breakfast and Supper starts with a Fruit Cup.
All Lunch and Supper end with a yummy Dessert.

Want to advance the Research of Alzheimer’s? Join the TRIAL MATCH program of the Alzheimer’s Association. Clinical Studies involve testing new treatments, prevention methods, screening at earlier ages, and improving quality of life for loved ones and care-givers. Visit alz.org/trialmatch, or call 800-272-3900.

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