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Avonlea Cottage, Dixon IL AvaLynda and Steve Casey, Owners

Our Unique Strengths 

  • A HOME Setting by design -- open layout of the Great Room, Kitchen, and Dining Areas -- light and airy with sightlines to outside from all sitting and eating areas.  *The Rural Area of Dixon IL and the surrounding towns give precedence to a slower pace of life -- farmers, industrial managers, teachers, business owners -- the Senior is able to live much like when they were independent.
  • All Secure Entrance/Exit doors prevent wandering
  • Better than required ratio of residents to Care-givers -- 1:7 during the day, and 1:8 at night, with a Licensed Nurse attending on each shift.


Great care is taken to assure your loved one will maintain their dignity. Standard procedures of shift-change reports in private, privacy policies that include knocking on bedroom doors before entering, and a “Get to Know You” questionnaire provide the resident with compassionate care with dignity. 

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Company Bio

Established in 2014 as a Residential Assisted Living Home for Alzheimer's/Dementia patients, we have maintained a 5-Star community presence through Illinois State licensing and inspections. The recent transfer to new, LOCAL owners provides ample opportunity for energetic hands-on management and personal involvement in day-to-day activities. Resident care is the number one priority, and all programs and procedures are designed to provide the best care in the area.

Meet the Staff 

A 24/7 awake Licensed Nursing Staff attends to the needs of the residents, providing scheduled medicine passes and oversight for the CNA/Caregiving Staff. All employees are trained in their disciplines, with additional training for Alzheimer's/Dementia residents. Continuing education classes and monthly in-service seminars provide active discussion and practice.

Why Choose us 

  • Unsurpassed ratio of residents to Caregivers -- 1:7 during the day, and 1:8 at night, with a Licensed Nurse attending on each shift.
  • Our doctor makes house calls! You may continue to use your own Primary Care Physician for all treatment, or you may choose to transfer to our on-call Medical Director, who sees all residents twice per week. If there is an emergency, you can rest assured that your loved one will not have to wait for an appointment to see the doctor. Standing orders are in place for each resident to care for minor illnesses, UTIs, etc. Prevention and sanitation are key ingredients to optimum health.
  • Over 100 years of combined experience in the fields of Director of Nursing, Executive Director over Assisted Living Homes, and Nursing experience for Alzheimer's
  • The staff is well-prepared to meet the various and changing needs of our residents.
  • The Facility was built to house Alzheimer's patients from the start. Avonlea Cottage is one of the first in the area to provide LOCKING Entrance/Exit Doors and everything for living comfortably in a HOME SETTING.

About the Owners

AvaLynda and Steve found a way to combine their LOVE for Senior Citizens with their business of Real Estate. After years-long research to open an Assisted Living home in their community, the closing of an Alzheimer's/Dementia Establishment brought about the opportunity to purchase an operational home for Senior Living.

AvaLynda shares, "When I heard from a friend that Avonlea was closing, I wanted to buy it before I'd even seen inside. My father passed away last year from Alzheimer’s, and we wanted to keep him home and care for him ourselves as long as we could. With family support we were able to do that.”

Avonlea exists to provide support to families who want to keep their loved one home as long as possible, and to help them if time of placement comes with a home setting and 24/7 licensed care.

 Avonlea is a wonderful home -- private and semi-private rooms, enriching activities, spotless care-giving record -- but the FACE of Avonlea is her staff. The Director, Alma Wood, has become my friend. The RNs and CNAs are the Heart of Avonlea.

One of the Staff said to me, 'I like working at Avonlea best among all my positions because of the "hands on" with the residents. I get to KNOW them, not just help them.'

We look forward to serving the community of the Sauk Valley, and giving great MOMENTS to our loved ones with Alzheimer's/Dementia, and support to their families."